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Pixel Character Maker is a tool for creating character sprite sheets to be used primarily in RPG style games but could be useful in many other game genres as well. 

Pixel Character Maker creates character walk animations in 4 directions by overlaying many different layers to create a complete character.

It has hundreds of sprite sheets layers and the built in color swapper allows you to change the colors in each sheet giving huge diversity in character design.

There are various export styles to allow for the needs of most if not all game makers.

You can add new sprite sheets and entirely new sprite collections of any sizes you want as long as the sprite sheets are 3 frames by 4 directions.

The following video displays most of the products functions and features.

We are looking to continue to add more sprite layers and sprite sheet styles as time permits.

Originally made for myself to make life easier while making my own game. I thought it could end up being extremely useful to others with limited art skills so we extended the tool to a huge degree.

Pixel Character Maker currently has two sets of character sprites a 16x16 pixel set and a 32x48 pixel set.
We are also currently working on a 16x16 GB palette set but that is not currently packaged with Pixel Character Maker and will be released at a future time.
We also have plans for a 32x32 set.

We look forward to receiving suggestions of new sprite sheets or tools to add.


Buy Now£4.95 GBP or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £4.95 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

PixelCharacterMaker1.0.1.zip 2 MB


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wait why is this paid i cant afford this lol could be better if this was free lol

Hello, i testet it on 2 Windows Notebooks and both gave me a Memory Violation Error. Something seems wrong with the download..

Thats strange what version of windows are you running?

Ok there was a file missing from the folder(dplayx.dll) some computers already have this installed which is why it worked fine for me and other people, but if your computer has never needed it before it would have never downloaded it. I hope that was the issue give it a try and let me know if it works this time. Sorry about all the trouble and let me know if you need anything :)

thank you i will. and thanks for the quick answears

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hey i just get the chance to test it again. But i still got the same issue. 

I used the same download link then the first time. and what i noticed was that the package has the exact same size then before. i dont know how big the missing file is, but maybe something went wrong with uploading the new file?

I did have issues when I first uploaded the replacement file. as I kept the name the same as I have not altered the code in anyway but the file seemed to disappear(I guess itch was unprepared to have two of the same name :P ) 
Does yours have Dplayx.dll in the same folder as the Pixelcharactermaker.exe?
Either way I will, download and check/reupload/ see what links I have available

Also if you do have dplax.dll in the same folder you could try running it as Administrator(right click then "Run as Administrator") if that solves nothing then let me know when you are getting the MAV(memory access violation) for instance do you see the GrindalfGames logo? do you see the Eula? 
a MAV is where the program is trying to access memory that is not there(for instance its trying to load an image that has been deleted or a file)
the fact that it works on everybody else computer makes us know all the needed files are there, so it must be your computer is blocking it in some way. It could be your antivirus is stopping it from accessing files?(open your antivirus and allow PixelCharacterMaker.exe H1.exe and H2.exe)
If not there are a few things I could try but first try the run as admin and the antivirus

Current win10 version