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Pixel Character Maker is a tool for creating character sprite sheets to be used primarily in RPG style games but could be useful in many other game genres as well. 

Pixel Character Maker creates character walk animations in 4 directions by overlaying many different layers to create a complete character.

It has hundreds of sprite sheets layers and the built in color swapper allows you to change the colors in each sheet giving huge diversity in character design.

There are various export styles to allow for the needs of most if not all game makers and RPGMakers(2k, 2k3, VX, VXAce, MV) GBStudio, Smile Game Builder and Bakin have supported export modes 
PLEASE NOTE This tool contains sprites at a size of 16x16 and 32x48 pixels which are not suitable for RPGMAKER 2K and 2K3, for those engines you would have to add your own sprite sheets.

You can add new sprite sheets and entirely new sprite collections of any sizes you want as long as the sprite sheets are 3 frames by 4 directions.

The following video displays most of the products functions and features.

The tool comes with a colour swap program that can be used to swap colours in each sheet. The colour swapper comes with many different colour palettes(Including one for Gameboy Studio) but you can also add your own colour palettes to the selection.

Originally made for myself to make life easier while making my own game. I thought it could end up being extremely useful to others with limited art skills so we extended the tool to a huge degree.

Pixel Character Maker currently has two sets of character sprites a 16x16 pixel set and a 32x48 pixel set.

Characters made using the sprite sheets packaged with this program can be used in any commercial or non commercial projects with no need to credit the original authors.

A good look at using and combining pixel character maker with RPG Developer Bakin by Amalgamash. 

Any questions, bugs or comments? Come and join Grindalfgames on Discord https://discord.gg/xWcreuP

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AuthorGrindalf Games
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Character Customization, character-maker, Characters, npc, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Sprites, toolbox


Buy Now£4.95 GBP or more

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ya know, this was well worth it, finally a way away from mv and mz chibi even further than TAB thank you! I just dont have time like I used to to mess around with sprites on my own time sadly so this really is a good compromise plus I got to buy ya a snack  lol just realized I need to do a bit of resizing still ;-; ah well still a neat tool

Does this have basic attack animations?

No just walking animations. N,E,S,W

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Malwarebytes keeps blocking and quarantining this program :( . Please you need to message them on the forums and have them inspect and then whitelist the app, to fix that. What could be causing this? It gets flagged as machinelearning/anomalous.95% . I just bought it, and hoping to use this tool, once this issue is solved. The pixel character .exe is in quarantine now.


Does the program run at all or is it only when you try and export?

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No it does not run at all. Soon as you try to launch it Malwarebytes anti-virus quarantines the executable. This happens both through the itch launcher and out of it.

From what I can tell you need to

Open Malwarebytes for Windows.
Click the Detection History card.
Click the Allow List tab.
To add an item to the Allow List, click Add.
Select the type of exclusion you want to add.
You will probably need to do this for PixelCharacterMaker.exe, H1.exe and H2.exe(H1 and H2 are external files that deal with converting the exported file to a .png) which are all in the PixelCharacterMaker folder

But why not reach out to Malwarebytes to get white listed? It only takes a submission on the forums in like less than 10 min time. It would be beneficial to this project in the long run. And to be honest and no offense, this is a relatively small project, and it concerns me when my anti-virus acts like that when taking a chance on lesser known software. I would feel a little better without having to give it exclusions. And I think others would feel the same. I'm not trying to be annoying, just giving my thoughts and hoping for a better fix. I love what I see here so far, I just want the best for everyone involved. 

I can do that but it will have to be tomorrow as I am at work and I have no idea how long it will take to get whitelisted.


This creator looks really great! Only thing that's holding me back is the need for battlers. Do you have any plans to add SV battlers as styled in RPG Maker MZ?


I really don't think so. This would be a lot of work only for one specific engine but I will look into the battlers and see exactly what would be required of me

I understand! No pressure at all, just figured I'd ask :)

Hey! No idea how, but I accidentally purchased this twice in a row a few minutes ago. How do I get one of them refunded?

I have no idea as I have never had to sort out a refund.
But I will get it sorted even if I have to just do a direct paypal to paypal.
Let me have a look into the itch policy on refunds first and I will get back to you.

I have contacted itch support as the information I have found says that this is the only way. I will keep you updated on their reply


Hi Evie, Itch has informed me that the refund has gone through. I am sorry that took so long.

hey, this looks great. Could I import my own assets, i.e custom pngs?

Yes you can. They have to comply with the system of 3 frames x 4 directions but yes you can. Your custom sprite sheets can also be any size you want but keep in mind that as they get to big they start to interfere with the menus.
The largest set that is included is a 32x48 and that still has plenty of room around the edges so you may get away with a double sized sheet.

I have a question. How does this work with HUGE sprites (like 128x64) Namely sprite sheets that in this case would be 192x512.


this is a great question. I will blow up a few of the sheets and see how it works and get back to you


no out of the box it throws an error with sheets of that size and I don't have access to the source at the moment(its stored on a different computer) so I cannot figure out why. I will delve into this further and will report back. But if you are considering purchasing Pixel Character Maker, wait until tomorrow as I have a sale starting then.


This is a test of 128x192 and technically it works. you can choose the layers add them together and export but the sheets are so large they impact the performance of the right hand menus. so I do not advise using it for sheets of this size(also the tool does not contain any sheets of that size)


wait why is this paid i cant afford this lol could be better if this was free lol


come on... it's about 6 dollars USD... I pay more for two burgers at a fast food place.

Hello, i testet it on 2 Windows Notebooks and both gave me a Memory Violation Error. Something seems wrong with the download..

Thats strange what version of windows are you running?

Ok there was a file missing from the folder(dplayx.dll) some computers already have this installed which is why it worked fine for me and other people, but if your computer has never needed it before it would have never downloaded it. I hope that was the issue give it a try and let me know if it works this time. Sorry about all the trouble and let me know if you need anything :)

thank you i will. and thanks for the quick answears

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hey i just get the chance to test it again. But i still got the same issue. 

I used the same download link then the first time. and what i noticed was that the package has the exact same size then before. i dont know how big the missing file is, but maybe something went wrong with uploading the new file?

I did have issues when I first uploaded the replacement file. as I kept the name the same as I have not altered the code in anyway but the file seemed to disappear(I guess itch was unprepared to have two of the same name :P ) 
Does yours have Dplayx.dll in the same folder as the Pixelcharactermaker.exe?
Either way I will, download and check/reupload/ see what links I have available

Also if you do have dplax.dll in the same folder you could try running it as Administrator(right click then "Run as Administrator") if that solves nothing then let me know when you are getting the MAV(memory access violation) for instance do you see the GrindalfGames logo? do you see the Eula? 
a MAV is where the program is trying to access memory that is not there(for instance its trying to load an image that has been deleted or a file)
the fact that it works on everybody else computer makes us know all the needed files are there, so it must be your computer is blocking it in some way. It could be your antivirus is stopping it from accessing files?(open your antivirus and allow PixelCharacterMaker.exe H1.exe and H2.exe)
If not there are a few things I could try but first try the run as admin and the antivirus

Current win10 version