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Paws for Adventure is a retro styled adventure game inspired by old school Zelda games but with cats.
Play the part of Cocoa a black cat who gets separated from his owners and ends up living with wild cats in the forest. Legend, action and adventures await as Cocoa fights, sings and hunts his way through the land.

Hunt prey for food. Each animal gives different boosts to stats so keep an eye out for the more elusive prey.

Sleep at the graves of past cats. Cats who have passed on may have important skills to teach you.

Meow magical melodies. Different songs will have different effects on yourself or the world around you.

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorGrindalf Games
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Animals, Cats, Colorful, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Singleplayer


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Amazing.  Would love to know which tools you used to create game?  Blitz3D coding, maplet for levels?  Photoshop for textures?  Just started to lesrn B3d and most fun I've ever had.. Just wish few more streamline tutorials were out there for creating games further than creating a few cubes, spheres and cones. 

Join my discord(you can find the discord link on the start screen of the demo) you can ask me any questions you want and I would even share snippets of code to show how I did certain things.
As for tools Blitz3D-NG(has a couple of extra commands like one to disable the bilinear texture filter so my low res textures are crisp)
Deled for the 3D models.
Paint.net for the textures and sprites.
I also made my own tool for placing the props/plants onto the 3D models of the areas(its pretty basic and looks like crap but it works) it exports as Blitz3D code that I just then use as an include in my main code.

Wow, thank you for the reply and information.  Spent hours upon hours researching editors and 3d software Best suited to make game worlds for Blitz3D games. Never came across deleD.  Reading up, looks and sounds amazing.  Can I ask, why did you use your own tool for placing props and grass, if DeleD can do it? 

I'll check your pateron,  so excited more so now from your response.  I've almost complete the book 3d programming for teens (I never ever complete books,  I'm no teen either!  Ahem 39...),  but it's been a great intro to Blitz3D.  Content and tutorials are so lacking, especially for specific game creation.  I always dream big, which is half the challenge of self deprecation... But aim to make a Top down GTA game first, like first GTA that was 2D with 3d Square buildings but player and cars top down 3D... Maybe too ambitious. I then want to  make a 2 player network survival game in a openiah world, terrain, caves, building, surviving etc I. E again very ambitious.   Hopefully get there.  I might start learning 3DS Max or similair along with Blitz, but want to focus on the programming side and use tools at moment. 

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Deled is a simple 3D editor so it has none of the uneeded bloat that other 3D editors have(It also exports as *.x which is great for B3D)
Not Patreon, Discord ;)
39? I turn 43 soon so we are similar age :P
One of the things with a 3D editor like deled or blender is that the exported level is one solid mesh so I have no control of extras like plants and grass(plants can be picked up for instance) my own tool just cuts out the work of placing things by hand(I could walk around in game and write down the co-ords and then place them in code but this is easier in the long run)
Top down GTA should be no problem in Blitz3D just need the time and dedication to pull it off.
Anyway add me on Discord or Twitter(Grindalf_games) and anytime you have a B3D related question I will be happy to help :)


This is really really cool.


Im glad you like it :)

I've just started to lesrn Blitz3D.   Very minimal content for tutorials and. Learning how to make games, watched YT videos on basics and reading a book I found called 3D programming for teens...  Ironically I'm far beyond a teen but it's a good book to start with.   Your B3d library is amazing,   any advice or tutorials for making games and the worlds would be so amazing.   Take care. 


Do you have discord? if so jump into my channel(link on title screen) and send me a pm. I am always ready to help out with anything I can

JayPlays plays the demo


I really liked the proposal and your game! I recently also created a game about a black cat. I find the theme very interesting for the game!

I will check out your game.
Us black cat games have to stick together ;)


The 3d environments are so comfy, good job :) what engine even is this??


Thank you very much. Its Blitz3D an old open source language. Its actually available here on itch somewhere.
I am specifically using the Blitz3D-NG port which has a few extra commands thrown in. 


cool =)


I played for my channel (and have more content to come).

Grindalf's style is one of my favorites, and he brings the right amount of challenge and charm to his work.

Here's my experience.  Thank you for your hard work on this :)

Looking forward to more!


Looks great, can't wait to see more. Would you consider a coop mode?

Thanks for the nice commet :)
I had aimed at making it similar to oldschool zelda gameplay wise(which is strictly single player) and although I have wandered away from that a little. The core programming would take to much work to fit in a coop mode.